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Why Magpie Management?

You're doing big things and a little outside perspective and support can help. We bring more than thirty years of experience in project management, community engagement, and association growth. We bring creative ideas to produce amazing outcomes, process-building to ensure it gets done and group-dyanamics expertise to make it all fun. 


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Engage Communities

Nothing great gets done without the support of the people behind it. Whether it's volunteer leaders, team members, online groups, donors or even kids, we know how to get people collaborating and contributing!


Project Management

Too many moving parts and deadlines? Those are our favorite words! We bring a disciplined project management approach to everything we do, and can help your team learn to do the same. Our favorites include international work, logistics, competitions and new product launches. Or in the words of one client "You just love moving people and stuff around the world!" Yes we do! 

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Event Strategies

Are your events feeling a little flat? Do you want attendees to connect in more meaningful ways that build real relationships? We can help bring new features to your events that ensure greater value for attendees. 


Video Production

We deliver videos that explain who you are, what you do, and why you matter, in a way that creates an emotional connection with your viewers. Something you're proud to share with clients, members, even your family!