The Question Association Staffers Dread

Discussing member retention campaigns with family during the we do! 

Discussing member retention campaigns with family during the we do! 

The holidays are around the corner, which means lots of small talk with friends and family. For anyone who works in a membership association, that can bring the dreaded question..."So what is it that you do?"

Explaining the work of associations to someone outside that realm can be a lengthy business, and at some point you may see eyes glaze over. For me, the extra dread came when my hard-of-hearing grandfather posed it. I would spend an awkward ten minutes shouting about members, global growth, recruitment campaigns and new member integration, while he hung on with polite interest. 

The irony is that associations are doing incredible work, representing industries, bringing people together to learn, and creating real value for their members. But it can be incredibly difficult to help an outsider understand that quickly. 

That's where a great video comes in. At Magpie Media, we combine a robust nonprofit background with the technical expertise to produce something that is both visually beautiful and packing a punch to drive action. We can get prospective members, potential sponsors, or even your 90-year old grandfather to understand what you do and why it matters.  Your work matters, and we want to help you tell the world! 

Miranda Barrett