Your New Members Are Leaving...And I'm One of Them


I recently joined a professional association, and when my membership expires in two months it’s unlikely I’ll renew (cue sounds of doom).  

While I’ve received many carefully-scripted emails welcoming me to the association, explaining the benefits in long blocks of text, I’ve never felt really connected to the group. I haven’t attended any events, or really explored the website. I’m the textbook definition of a disengaged member, and I’m not alone. 

According to Marketing General's annual report, the average first-year member renewal rate across the membership industry is 71%, compared to overall rates of 81%. Think about that for a moment…all the time and effort and resources that go into recruiting new members for your association, and nearly 30% of them don’t stick around for a second year. 

Increasing the “stickiness” of new members involves detailed journey-mapping of that critical first year, and using more than just email to build a meaningful connection. This can be done through a variety of formats, such as calls, social media, webinars and our personal favorite, awesome short videos. 

At Magpie Media Group, we believe brief, engaging videos are the best way to reach your new members, share what’s most important, and connect on a deeper level. With the addition of a Learning Management System (LMS), this can become a quiz series for new members to demonstrate their knowledge and connect to the member community via your platform and social media accounts. Videos can be sent at strategic dates in their journey, starting when they first join, all the way up to their renewal period. 

I know firsthand how much effort goes into member recruitment campaigns, having led them myself for many years. I feel a little guilty to be adding to the attrition rate of the organization I’m leaving. But without receiving information in a quick and engaging format, I haven’t done my part to really jump in either. There's a lot more to new member engagement than kits and emails, and we'd love to help you get started

Miranda Barrett