the 10-year journey behind the curtain


In 2012, I was in a committee meeting for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, in a discussion about how entrepreneurs are perceived to be wired differently from others. “People think that we have a higher risk tolerance,” one EO member said. “But it’s the opposite – we find it far less risky to bet on our own abilities than to trust in someone else’s!”

That concept always stuck with me, because every time I was asked about starting something myself, “risk tolerance” was always my excuse. I saw plenty of entrepreneurship-casualties during my ten years at EO – the failed businesses, divorces, members having to split dues across four credit cards because cash flow was so tight. For a decade I was very happy to support them from my favorite spot, just behind the curtain (usually with a clipboard, sometimes with a glass of wine, as pictured here in Jordan).

The great thing about being behind the curtain is that you’re closest to the stage. From my hidden spot I listened to amazing speakers teach core values, finance, hiring, lessons from the edge, strategic planning, authentic communication, networking, and one very awkward “intimacy” session.  I spent time in the company of inspiring men and women who were building things from scratch, creating jobs, and shaping deliberate paths for themselves, even through very big challenges.  

I made a professional change in January because I had fallen into a rut and was becoming cynical and negative, two words I never want to use to describe myself.  After eight months of staying pleasantly “busy” with projects, my brother and I landed on the idea for Magpie Media Group. While it may seem a bit sudden, it’s actually been about four years in the making. We collaborated on several EO / GSEA projects over the years, and frequently bounced ideas off each other. We’ve always had way too much fun working together, and we’re totally in synch with our vision for Magpie. And we really love big dogs….

I may not know one end of a video camera from the other (Ben has that covered) but I believe in the importance of showcasing good work, and driving action. I’m excited to take all the powerful lessons absorbed from that spot behind the curtain, build something we can all be proud of, and deliver powerful videos that will help our clients change the world.  

Thank you for reading, and check back here for more stories as we bring Magpie to life. Feel free to leave a comment below! 

Miranda BarrettComment