Bringing heart to projects and events

Project Portfolio

Every project is unique, and every client has unique needs. We are accustomed to challenging work environments with multiple stakeholders, unique constraints (hello government background!) and last minute requests.

What We Do Best:

Client A was starting to dip their toes into putting on events for their clients, but they wanted something beyond just panels and breakouts. We conducted research with past attendees, paired that with our own community-building experience, and delivered a white paper on how to facilitate more meaningful connections at their events. And now we’re getting to execute on it by helping plan the event sessions themselves.

Client B is working with awesome young entrepreneurs, and looking for a way to showcase their unique businesses at a conference. We helped create an on-site expo that allowed them to design their own custom booth materials, pitch their businesses, and compete for prizes.

Client C had a serious cat-rodeo. More than 13,000 members in 60 countries all needed to renew their memberships at the same time, with 150 unique dues amounts, multiple currencies, payment methods and languages in the mix. Drawing on our project management expertise we helped them re-design how this was executed and implement some key elements of community building that made all the difference to stakeholders. Result - the project was finished in record-time with record-satisfaction.

Bottom line - we work best when we can engage people, craft a smart plan and make it happen. While we love spreadsheets and numbers, we love video calls and brainstorming sessions even more. We believe projects are fun when you bring your heart to them!




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